Savoring friendship.

Had a friend visiting this weekend.

The motel across the street has truly become the best guest room I could have fashioned. I live in small houses. People don't wanna be in each other's space that much. Maybe it's me that just wants to be able to get up early and drink coffee at 5:30 or 6 a.m. without worrying about waking someone up? Meh... whatever.

The weekend was full of good food, conversation (mostly about aging parents and how we as the children are better people for stepping up), and a couple little road trips to just look and see.

This three-day visit has me keenly aware of how I miss hanging with my pal who moved to Bisbee but has been doing her thang in Warren and rarely wants to meet up in Old Bisbee to hang. But the truth is, I still honor and cherish that friendship while learning to let it have its space.

Nothing like having pals come from far away after not seeing them for years to give me gratitude for the pal I have right here. Funny how that worked.

An easy weekend for me now it's crunch time from here out to get my mom's house organized/cleaned out and sold. A daunting task for sure, but it has to happen soon.

I cooked turkey last night till 10:30 pm. It came out nice. The trek up to The Baked Pueblo on Thursday will have my little car smelling of all things delicious and hopefully, I can get back to Tiny Town early enough to get a few hours in at work to make sure I'm not buried on Friday.

It's coffee season...

Speaking of which, where is my cup?

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