What the shell is for.

There are times when being a Cancerian is tough to deal with.

Every once in a while I completely retreat into my shell and just exist. In these shell-filled times, I often get very productive on the homefront, but perhaps a little too introverted for my liking.

I more or less had a weekend like that but I did drag myself out to hear some music for Sidepony Fest. And as soon as the sets I wanted to hear were done, I went back home and back in my shell.

I think it's a feeling of being vulnerable that has me retreating. I am not 100 % with my knee having gotten tweaked at pickleball. Nothing like grappling with a body that is refusing to do what you want it to bring out all the feels.

There is usually a soundtrack to this kind of mood.

This last weekend it was a band called The American Dollar.  It's all instrumental, has some Sigur Ros type elements, and it just flows nicely in the background. Not morose, not pop music. I gotta get outta my shell though. Work is busy, the weekly trip to The Baked Pueblo waits for no one, and I have shit to do around here that requires a little more human interaction.

Six days in a shell... I live in this Shangri-La called Bisbee for a reason. I can shell it or shuck it. And this town just lets me be true to whatever the fuck I need to be.

This is a sample of what the soundtrack in and outta my head has been...

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