It was super cold, and downright crappy weather driving in this morning. Certainly not used to that these days. I have become a fair weather driver. My funny little Scion does ok, but it’s times like this I kinda long for a higher profile vehicle.

I’ll be honest..
I have been dreaming of getting my little canned ham trailer from my pal who has been keeping it safe and converting it into a little coffee and donut cart. Would need a beefier truck to pull it.. Just a little thing to make some extra money and try to do something fun. I have no real interests/hobbies other than pinball and music. I am gonna need something to focus some creative energy on.. my creative joo joo is not extensive, but at some point I gotta either get the trailer back or give her the title and say thanks for taking care of it.

Purging stuff and being aware of the amount of unfulfilled dreams and ideas attached to things is a weird process. It is a real journey. No sounding board, and somewhat rudderless, I am doing all I can as I continue to clean out my mom’s house and get things gone. This is kinda hard. Some fun would be nice.

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