Sometimes you just need a good bit of something on a grill.

I did that up for The Mother Unit on Saturday. Ribeye, baked potato, sweet peas and some laughter. It was sparked by some of her lab results indicating some red meat might be a good thing for her.  There is a reason I left the bbq grill at her house... and this is it.

The weather was beautiful, there was progress made at her house getting things out, and my brain is not too taxed but I am once again behind on my own chores at home, but that just means double duty today and tomorrow. I can deal with that. This is all temporary. I guess everything is temporary in the grand scheme of things.

We Cancerians don't naturally let go of ideas or things. It's a process.. to put it gently.

I think this week is gonna fly by. Too much on deck. But at least I am not bored or floundering. I'll take it.

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