It could be happening.

This has been a roller coaster week.

A few really great things happened the most important being The Mother Unit finally had her first cataract surgery! She seems to be recovering well and should be on track for the other eye in a month. However, she did get quite ill from the anesthesia. That was tough and involved barf boxes (plural) and some cleanup. She was miserable. Medical marijuana sublinguals saved the day when we got back to Starfishy homebase. I am excited for her to get her sight back to a higher quality and maybe get to read a book or actually see her tv.

I also got a good hang with my pal Cathryn who has always been a great friend and confidant. Since the election and having seen my bestie go to her husbands side more  I have been without anyone really close to me to confide in. It’s a tremendous hole in my life and heart. We still see each other, but maybe monthly vs a few times a week. So my heart was filled up on so many levels by getting time with Cathryn.

And last, but not least..
That bucket list show I have been working on bringing to Bisbee may be happening. I got a
text from the artist yesterday pitching a date and I in turn emailed the booking agent and made an offer. Now I wait to hear. It would truly be a great accomplishment for me. Just like the 5 years of working to get Mia Dyson here.. this current one has been more than 10 years in the wanting.

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