That northern area called Phoenix is a chore.

Maneuvering around its streets and freeways is not my idea of a good time, but I managed to do most of that during non rush hour times. Judging by the response to my pitches at all of the Whole Foods stores, I believe we will have all of them ordering coffee in the next couple of weeks.

Patting myself on the back and being grateful as hell for the chance to go out and futher this coffee revolution. There is coffee on those shelves that is nowhere near as good as ours for double the price. We may not be the best at marketing, but we got the flavor and the love.

Getting to see k.d. lang on Thursday didn’t suck either.
Holy shit that show was fantastic! Highly recommend seeing the Ingenue Redux Tour! Then sprinkle in some visits with friends up there and you have a very heartwarming experience in a city I can easily do without. I’m tired and have too much to do today but I’ll plod thru and hopefully make it home for The Return of the Turkey Vulture Parade and the Tales From The Trash at Central School.

No rest for the wicked.

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