So much.

Ebb and flow.

Acceptance and refusal.

Judas Priest! Where are the grey areas?

The Mother Unit's house is in escrow.
Change is inevitable.
The crunch to empty her house is upon me.
I have too many of the feels.
Summer looms.
Everything is dusty. Everything... everywhere.
There's no room to put anything.
Thanking my lucky stars for A.A..
There aren't enough tacos to soothe me.
It's all going along the way it's supposed to.

Every week is a whirlwind of overwhelming duties at work, home, and for The Mother Unit but there are big lessons for me on where I am seriously lacking in my ability to stay present. Having an edge to me the last couple weeks hasn't served me that well "in the moment", but it's taught me more about the need to be better to myself. Rambling on like this does little to help anyone else, but it's good for me to see what's really there when I try to get it all out.

There are good things afoot too...  Susan Werner is confirmed for Bisbee in September and with that being the bucket list show I want to present it'll either spur me on to do more... or I'll quit bringing shows on my own personal high note. Could go either way.

And I gave my pal Inez a driving lesson last night to get her some parallel parking skills and time behind the wheel before she goes and gets her license for the first time. I think of The Mother Unit and the patience she must have had when she was a driving instructor... I dunno how she did it.  I'm more of a cheerleader affirming that this or that was well done.

And with at least 4 wholesale orders waiting for me at the shoppe... I'm off to be a bagging dervish.  I do love this job. Massively grateful for the chance to work for Seth.

It's good to stay positive.

I'm gonna add that to my daily mantra...

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