Productive day...

Saturday was good. Long but super productive and several crates of albums are in Bisbee. I have probably 7 or so more to bring. But I loaded up what would fit, and beat the heat outta The Baked Pueblo.  The may end up being a storage thingy, there could possibly be an estate sale, and there will be dump runs. But come hell or high water that house is gonna be empty in four weeks.

My own house is a disaster zone with all of this stuff coming here. It’s unnerving and frustrating but I just need to figure out a good plan for storing it. It’s gonna end up being some form of storage. There are 6 boxes of slides and 4 boxes of photo albums alone! It’s gonna get done, but summer is my least favorite season... (ya think?) and it is basically hell here now till sometime in September.

And I stayed  on task and on schedule so I got home in time to see The Exbats at Poco. A nice reward.  Took a header over a dog leash and banged up my good knee and gave myself a couple well places bruises.. but if that’s t was the only shitty thing all day. Gotta put this day in the win column.

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