So Weird.

Twenty-two years ago...

Yes, over twenty years ago, I had a friend drop me with no explanation. The other night, I found out why. 

She thought I had slept with her partner.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.??

Here's the good news...

Well, I never did that first off. And second, I guess she is still pissed off at me thinking I did. 


This solves a real mystery for me though. I had no idea why she disappeared from my life. I eventually got over it but always felt a loss. Now, knowing why she did what she did, and not having the venom in my heart or soul to be angry, I just laughed in disbelief when a friend told me this.  And what's weird, is that in going through a bunch of photos at my mom's 2 weeks ago, there is a huge amount of photos from back then and this old friend was in many of them... I had just looked at them and felt like I missed the friendship and wished this woman well. 

I had no idea a couple weeks later that this information would make it's way to me.

It's sad she hates me over something that never happened, but all she had to do was ask and she coulda saved herself a couple of decades of hating someone. 

I gots a bunch of gratitude for keeping my side of the street clean... and for having integrity in my sober years. I would never have done something like that. I hope she finds some peace. 

Life is complicated enough these days... love and gratitude are pretty much the damn finest things ever. 


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