The perviously planned party for a Eighties Vinyl Dance Party happened last night. Those of us in attendance needed to move and hear fun loud-ish music. A party for mostly locals but we had a few cool Roka customers join in too. 

This bad photo is the only shot I took..

There were some supremely sweet moments..
Like looking out at the dance floor at about 11pm (2hrs into the event) and having everyone movig/dancing/smiling. Having my bestie by my side as bartender.. and my pal Richard down from Phx, made it even better. 

I have not DJ'd in so long. 
I needed that. It's so good for me to do (not so) simple things like this for myself at a time when it's just bedlam in my world. Some of that bedlam is just Mother Unit changes and the rest is admittedly caused by my own hand. 

Now it's coffee on the porch while I wait for Richard to wakey wakey. 

His chair awaits. 

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