The Wild West.

Tiny Town... 2:18am.

Mother-fucking-javelina-cloven-hooves on the porch.


Going after the trash can. Must be time for me to build a gate to keep them off the porch. It's also a little early to have them dead center of town scavenging it seems. Usually I hear them in the middle of summer. Ok then.
It's a wild world out there.

I spent yesterday helping a friend move furniture. Unexpected, and quite a fun and physical day. She slipped me a couple dollars too.. Goodness.

Perfect weather, beautiful sunlight, good energy, and forward motion.. I sent off an email today to try and get a contract job for not too much money, but it's local. I am reading the CDL drivers license manual too... I'll try to get that knowledge in my brain before the end of May. If I can get something like that under my belt, I'd feel like a fun new bunch of work might be available.

Hopeful for sure. I am still thinking about my little food trailer idea.. and today where we were moving furniture there was a sandwich making foodservice fridge. Maybe for sale.



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