It finally happened.

Today is the day I officially wiped whoever "SSR" was off the 3rd highest score on High Speed. A true day to celebrate! 
For me, anyhow. 

I think I'll commemorate this day withan evening  walk and some groovy mixtape playlist on the ipod. It's cool out. And kinda windy. I guess that'sperfect pinball   weather. Must be.. I feel perfectly happy with my silly accomplishment. 

It took me 3 plus months to get all the high scores. Getting that unkown person out of my high score que was a true challenge. 

This week has had me playing about 10 games of pinball each day. Not many, considering I could play 100. But I have been in town talking to folks and putting it out there that I am looking for work. So pinball is the treat for doing all of those next right things.  

Buying High Speed is possibly one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Yes, it's absolutely absurd to have a pinball machine in such a wee house. And holy shit, it is nobody's business but mine! 

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