Who are these people?

On the walk last night I ran into fellow Bisbee denizen, Gordon. I see him all the time walking his dog. Nice guy, nice dog. And it wasn't till las night the we had a chance to connect on that human/look you in the eye/authentic level. 

I suggested we sit and talk so we went to a local watering hole where we chatted about our lives in Bisbee, where we came from, travel,and what's the current news in the moment. What a delightful man! A smile all the way to his deep insides. I don't have any gay men I hang with here ever since my pal Richard left. So a connection to a light hearted queer guy made my dyke heart happy. We made a taco date for lunch today. 

Hello Mexico!

Then neighbor Andy wandered up to the bar and we all shared some laughs. She is basically 2.5 houses away. We have lots in common and I have found her a good calming resource for talking things through about how to be the best daughter for The Mother Unit in these times of health dips and dives. As a retired nurse, her words about oxygen, COPD, altitude, attitude, and comfort helped me greatly let go of my inner struggle with wanting my mom to move to Bisbee so I could be there to help her. And really... My mom didn't want me to help her as proven by her being at Starfish and being very safe and taken care of 24/7 by professionals. 

Andy and i have a cortadito date on the porch this morning. Week one of no job, and I talked to 3 different businesses about employment, and didn't isolate in my wee house. 

Plus that whole high score thing on the pinball machine.. 

Not a bad week. 

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