The Day Of The Mother.

I did The Mother Unit a sold yesterday on Mother's Day.

One word..


She was in good spirits, with a good appetite for our planned takeout meal of mediterranean food. I don't get to do much for her these days, but I can truck in delicious food.  I also managed to figure out the problem with her Kindle. I think I may have chalked up a gold star on the daughter report card.

At least I hope I did..

I told her she was my favorite mother of all time.. she told me I was her favorite daughter. Then I said I knew Elizabeth was her favorite, but that was ok with me.

I am waiting for the battle with the insurance company on her claim... I know my black or white thinking is a detriment to me in this case, but she really does feel safer and is totally cared for at this place.

And at the same time.. I gotta be ready for whatever is next.  One Day At A Time...

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