It totally feels awful to have had to have the tree next to my house taken down yesterday. 

I has been pushing the wee house fir years.. and jut this year buckled the floor by the front door. I knew I would have to do something. 

Halfway thru the process, it looked like this:

My house is on the right.. Totally obscured by the tree parts from the most likely 100 year old tree that that is now gone. 

Looking at where it was makes me almost ill to think that something so beautiful and majestic had to be destroyed because of all the consequences of it pushing the house. 

I will need to take some time to come to grips with this reality. I had no idea it would feel so awful to have had to do this. 

There are still issues to deal with to try and get the places the floor has buckled and raised up and some ceiling and wall issues.. And probably the  wall it was immediately pushing on too.. But that will have to wait for the stump killer to decimate the remains and then get my contractor under there. 

That should give me time to get me emotions around the tree vs house with the tree and the beauty of nature losing big. 

I certainly don't feel good or victorious about this in any way shape or form. 

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