Late Night Shift.

This is NOT a work related post. 

I tore the tiny house apart after realizing I could put my multi-colored lockers that had been here:

In my super tiny laundry room ..
Like this:

Of course this started earlier in the day.. But then it took me hours to ponder what to keep, what to pitch and then to survey the decimation and the next step. The lockers will be food pantry/office storage. 
I decided to move my sweet vintage pie safe out of the house and that was my small appliance storage/food pantry. Plus, after I ditch the giant workbench in the kitchen for the L-shaped booth (that I am slowly getting paid off) I will have to figure out tool storage as well. 

So, after all of those get emptied out.. I look around and basically say, "Fuck My Life!! Too much stuff!!" And throw my hands up in the air and see that it's after 11pm and I should give up and go to bed. I had bagged up 2 bags of trash, and have stuff to take to the Naco Thrift. 

I get to tackle my other set of lockers in the house today after work.. I need three cubbies for dvd's. And then I'll have more stuff to donate. Gotta roll with the willingness to purge while it's there. That's gonna be one lucky thrift store..

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