It's all a blur..

Sigur Ros was on Friday..

Elizabeth and I had a great day up in Phx, getting Lou Malnati's pizza, watching Barrett Jackson car auctions, and then getting our minds blown by Sigur Ros. It was an epic trip... one of the best days I have ever had (not working in music). We also hit IKEA and with any luck, I will have my sink/cabinet/ and a new light fixture installed tomorrow after work. Then I get to move the rolling workbench out of the house over the next week.. everything is all over the place.. need to just box stuff up.

Instead of being a boxing dervish, I chose to make homemade mac and cheese for the mother unit.
Green chili?
A little cayenne?
Is it delish?
Not a bad first effort at all..
I kinda want to try to make pickles. Dunno why that is a thing I wanna do all of the sudden, but once I get the stuff boxed away and the booth moved in.. I am gonna make some sweet hots. At least I am gonna try.

This week should be a bit busy as well.. just gonna be grateful I have stuff to do.

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