A day out of whack, which a cherry on top.

Another day going in super early to catch up on all of the coffee doings that needed done. The roaster stayed till 10:30 last night to get me enough coffee to give it a good shove towards getting it all done.  I did over 12 hours yesterday, and we got caught up with over 700 lbs shipped out Monday/Tues.  Crazy!

But our coffee is sooo good, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And, I left my wallet in Bisbee. And realized that just after I was able to get an appt. to get a starter and oil change done on my car tomorrow morning.  Oops. That'll get worked out, but I felt pretty dumb. Mercury is in retrograde, so I guess you can just say shit happens.

I'm a bit wiped out, but lemme tell ya... I got to be with The Mother Unit when she watched Harold and Maude for the first time tonight. Screw being tired! Getting to see my fave movie of all time with her was fun! She enjoyed it. I always enjoy it.

Of course, now I am seriously tired. It's what, 9:30 pm? Geez.

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