The wind has been thrashing Tiny Town all night long. I thank my lucky stars for earplugs! I got a big ol' handful of 3M earplugs from a coal miner pal in Norton, VA a few years ago and they are better than the ones I got from NASA.  Who knew? Then again, blasting vs. wind tunnels... different kind of nasty noise.

I hit up the Community Montessori School Annual Party last night. Won a 4 pack of Old Bisbee Roasters Coffee in the raffle..

cricket.. cricket..

Yes. Really.

Gave it to my pal Jen who needed a gift for her mom. It was like that time I won a guitar in a raffle... I knew I'd win.. and I knew what I'd win. Sometimes it's just like that.

Of course I'd win the coffee from where I work. Duh!

It was a sweet gathering. Some of my favorite people were there. It's a good thing to have kids getting a good start to edu-macation. And most of my favorite small kids in town have gone there.

I have been slammed at work, and I love that. But it's given me no time or energy to do more outside of work. Going in early, staying late, working weekends.. getting it done. The holiday season totally impacts us. But what better gift than coffee? Ok, maybe money.. but really, good coffee is perhaps the best thing if you don't give cash.

My brain is a little frazzled, but I just need to keep doing what is in front of me. I hate being bored, (I created this chaos..) so I have this time where too much is going on and I need to suck it up and deal with it. Making time for social things has fallen lower on the priority scale, but that was one of the reasons I went to the event last night.

The wind is howling.. and the tiny house is expanding and contracting with each large gust. Not only can I hear that, I can feel it. Ahhh... basically cardboard house living!

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