Predictions? Science? It's weather!

We got weather!

Postcard weather!

It'll be 76 here today. I'll be sporting shorts and a t-shirt for sure! Welcome back, warm weather. I know it's fleeting, but I'll take it.

Yesterday was a total fail in getting errands done. The possibility of getting back up there this weekend is real. I have a few things that need doing around here, and if I am successful, I can get the time to go do more up there. It sounds daunting... feels a little daunting. Just gotta power through. The Mother Unit was in good spirits yesterday, and they are adjusting her dialysis here and there. I even got a call from the clinic director to tell me about that, and was informed that since they were gonna take less water from her, that she might puff up a wee bit in her feet.

Which is kinda funny, since just yesterday I called her "skinny feet" because her body has done really well for the most part with this whole process. I'm just happy that she's happy.. that is my sole truth these days. I don't have that much that really matters to the core except for her. After her, there a couple friends that seriously matter. Everything else is workable and fluid.

Making a difference.

I'll take all of that too... along with 76 degree weather today.

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