7:33 for the win.

It's a morning filled with massive coffee consumption. Pouring over a list of to-do/to-bring for The Mother Unit as well as all of the things I need to follow up on here on top of that.

Coffee is my one true friend. Ever faithful. Always helpful.

There is so much to do over the next several weeks. Things are shifting, Mercury is in retrograde, my back is signaling my stress level, and I just gotta gently move forward to get everything done.

Gently is not exactly my usual way.

Getting up-ended by my weird disagreement with my pal Elizabeth made me stop and look at how I am really doing. The truth is, I am actually doing pretty well but I am getting much more protective of my time spent on or with folks I really don't jive with. She and I will get back to our good place. And, she may up and move away if her husband gets a job elsewhere which he is interviewing for.. He has become a good mirror for me. It's always through difficulty that that kind of shit comes into focus.  I have incentive to make sure I clean up my stuff with my pal asap.

The day ahead is already spinning fast, and there is only one more cup of coffee to be had. Must be time to move.

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