What did I get myself into?

After some very busy and productive days with The Mother Unit up in The Baked Pueblo, I have now returned home to a harsh reality.

I had Edible Baja drop off the majority of Bisbee's share of new issues to me over at the workplace. I am trying to help keep them stocked and not hoarded by a person who takes them and inserts something for her event without compensating the magazine for that insert privilege.

In my moment of trying to right a wrong, I created a lot more for myself to do on top of trying to get more ads and maintain the ones that are already in there.

So, as usual... I am well intentioned. I am doing this to show Bisbee in a stupendous light. This town is so damn cool, I can hardly stand it! I want folks to know!

Aaaaannnnd.... I just bitchslapped myself upside the head by how much more I will need to do. I may have made a mistake in trying it this way.

I guess time will tell. This is so like me though. For better or worse, I will learn something from this. I prefer not to totally fail, but I just might on this one.

Judas Priest!

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