Holiday weekend and some San Diego Cilch!

Cilch ?

Yes.. Cilch.

As in The Reverend Chili Cilch and her amazing sister Jennifer Cilch! The sisters are heading to Tiny Town on Sunday. I am not on holiday, but I can definitely get some Cilch in my world after I get all my stuff done each day. We may have some weather on deck for today and into tomorrow late morning or so.. but then it's back to 50's and 60's. Should be fun... it always is!

On top of everything else, emails are starting to go out from me to some artists/booking agencies looking for some quality music to come thru town. I have to do this right... and slowly try to build this pop-up venue. I got my first poster done and a new ticket template. So I am all set to flyer and get the word out starting today for the 2/28 burlesque with live music show.

Not that there isn't plenty of other stuff on my plate.  I only have 2 short weeks from today to get this show sold out or close to it. I may fall short on a "sold out" on this one, but I am not gonna give up on making a go of this.

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