Monday Night Dance Party.

The Fabulous Gretchen Baer hosted a dance party at her studio last night for The Cilch Sisters.

A gathering of about 10 people with a big floor to get our shindig on. Sweet, intimate, and the music really worked. I haven't felt moved to dance in a while. Such a gift to just be with a few friends and dance a bit.

There hasn't been too many chances for that lately... Maybe if there were a lot of those chances, it wouldn't be as precious a moment in my mind. Gretchen channels that kind of thing so freely, and it's a great reminder how self expression and just letting go can fuel so much goodness.

Somewhere along the line I started looking at how to be more efficient and just getting things done. That attitude probably evolved from tour managing. Served it's purpose for sure, and is always there when needed. Lightness and love and joy is what is called for now here in Bisbee for me. Work is lighter hearted, my town is a joyous place, and my love for The Mother Unit and my circle of friends (near and far) is fierce. It's a good focus.

One Day At A Time.

Time to dance..

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