What more do you need?

Really, this is all about me.

I had a painful yet super helpful physical therapy visit last night with Bisbee's local PT Goddess.. massive bending, stretching, chiro, needles, cupping, ointments, and then the requisite physio tape. A full hour and a half dedicated to making my shoulder better. Now I get to stretch and keep on track till next week. This is the same gimp side that I had injured moving that 1500 lb. pallet jack a few years back at the co-op. Damn work injuries.. both of these were triggered by jobby movements. 

 My shoulder has black tape on it, and I have cupping hickeys all over my shoulder and back. but I'll take less pain over vanity for sure! I guess I can look for the bright side of this. I have use of my arms and hands, and can still get the jobs around me done.. so realistically, it's time to STFU about it.

I am gonna use this as a fresh start reset to be gentler to myself.  I have lots to do, but I can chip away at it and not lose my mind over not getting it all done RIGHT FUCKING NOW.  Deep breaths..

And then this: Just as I get used to not having any tour managing and next to no travel.. I get a text from my pal Dave asking if I can do a week and a half with him over the summer.  He must have a large crew that he needs a buffer with. He dangled the carrot of FloydFest in the text.. My intrigue is there for sure and I'll inquire about how the coworkers feel about that being added to my travel schedule for 2017. 

So all in all.. everythting moves forward. I keep my head in the sand about politics amidst my own fear of this next administration. All I can do is show up each day and do my best. And I do just that. Fueled by lots of coffee and a deep love for those around me.

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