That moment..

Oh geez..

That moment when you realize you thought you did something in a spectacular fashion then you discover that someone had some real issues with how you did what you thought you totally mastered.


I have spent the morning beating myself up in the worst way. It's brought up feeling inadequate in a way I haven't felt in a long time. And the truth is, I had absolutely no idea that this person had any issue that wasn't already addressed at the time of this event. I am confronting it head on, and will likely cost myself the chance to do this event again, but I believe in communicating through difficulty no matter how awful I feel in this very moment.

Deep breaths..

And now I have a HUGE opportunity to let go of this situation, know I did the best I can at the event and now to be authentic and responsible in this weird aftermath.  I have coffee to drop off and some furniture to load up today to go to Bisbee. Just gonna keep it simple and try to not let this drag me down any longer.

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