Vitamin D.

I actually had time to sit on the porch for 35 minutes and just soak in the beautiful afternoon... I have not taken the time to do that in months. There is always a reason to be good to myself. I just don't always choose that. But it was about 73 degrees out there and I just had to stop for a minute!

Now I am finishing up the laundry and have House of Cards on in the background to catch up on it. I think I am 2 seasons behind. Today there was coffee bagged and delivered, tea procured,  the Culture Pirate poodles (Will and Dolly Bird) lavished with lots of attention, and then a couple of not entirely great games of pinball before settling in to my end-of-week chores. A little vacuuming still to happen, and then the dinner dishes and I should be about 80% ready for this next week.

All signs point to finishing up on a nearly two month "project" at the end of this week. A few more details to handle... but then this not talked about thing The Mother Unit and I have been doing will be pretty much complete. And by next Monday, it's supposed to be done. It will signal big changes on so many levels.. I really have no idea other than we are moving forward and there is hope in my heart it's all really good.

Speaking of good..
I hung out with my pal Elizabeth yesterday. We are all good. Our friendship had a weird week of downtime and now we are back to normal. It's all about perspective. She has absolutely been the best pal I have ever had.. and she will continue that even if she ends up leaving Bisbee. No mention was made of her husband's job interview in another state. And I'll just not talk of her husband.  I am just going to keep my focus on being a good friend. We are both aware of how much our happiness is affected by getting to hang out together.. we did some POCO brunch and sat out in the beauty of Bisbee and laughed.

After this past week and weekend, a few big things on the docket that were a huge stressors are now complete and/or fixed, done, and handled.

Now if I could just get that fucking IKEA sink to stop leaking! Gah!

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