All the angles..

These guys...
These two men have taught me so much over the years about how to be a good houseguest and how to be the best host. We have known each other thru my days when I made money.. and then when the market and my real estate career were no more. They have loved me no matter what my job choices were. Though, I am pretty sure tour managing was sooooo tedious a job to them.

And now on the eve of them getting ready to leave for Mexico on vacation, and me starting work at Folk Alliance.. we gear up to say goodbye and look to the future times when we can laugh, and cook,  and do fun things. They will be back in Laguna Beach in a few years.. that's really good news for me. I'll get to see them more often.

So my semi-downtime gives way to provisioning for the conference, and last minute communications before diving into the big folk bubble.

I am making dinner tonight for the guys. and I am the driver for the airport run in the morning. It's always good for my heart to have time with old friends like this. Time is fleeting. Love what you can while you can. Every moment is beyond precious..

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