I get kinda pumped up when...

I like entertainment.

I like music.

I like hearing stories about music and entertainment.

Today I fired a flare at a legendary tour manager named Phil Kaufman, known as The Mangler about coming to Bisbee to do some storytelling.  It was sparked by something I saw on social media from Phil, and I immediately got in contact with him to see what the deal was... and it was an old flyer he was recirculating.

Several people mentioned they would love to hear the stories... I was not the only one hungry to hear of his time with Gram Parsons or Emmylou Harris or a multitude of other artists.. I was let down easy by Phil. He doesn't really want t do shit on the road. He wants his awesome golden years in Nashville.. I don't blame him. I heard several road stories that time we had pie at a meat and three in Nashville a couple years ago with my pals Reckless Johnny Wales and his partner in crime Denise.

I would love to hear lots more of those stories. Damn.

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