From Spring to Winter.

All the weird weather be damned!

I went from Spring-like temps in Kansas City back to Winter in Bisbee.. glad I didn't come home sick. I was hella tired, but that's easy to fix. I did a solid 9 hours of sleep and I feel pretty much brand new! The Mother Unit didn't get a perky visit, but we had fun watching Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Portlandia before I drove (in my own zombie-like state) back to Bisbee.

I have a week and a half to get some more moving done after work.. I hope to make a small dent. I miss my bestie, so Taco Tuesday has to happen. My tiny house is a mess.. but it's great to be back in Tiny Town and I am ready to bag some coffee.

Fueling myself on some delicious coffee and some lentil soup with hot sauce. Crazy combo... but it's here and it's doing the job. And, I am hopefully less than 24hours from getting to announce another show at The Starlight Lounge for March.

Forward motion all around.

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