Sleep in, dammit.

Getting sleep is key to sanity at Folk Alliance for me.

I have set alarms for waaaaaay later in a morning than I would ever sleep in for anytime or anywhere.. but it's necessary to survive here.

The sounds flooding through the halls day and night are intoxicating. So much talent.. It's really almost unfathomable. Took my pal Susan to the airport yesterday and bid her a goodbye and thanked her for Summer Camp in the Winter @Folk Alliance. We haven't hung like that in a gazillion years. My heart is happy... 

And that's a good thing.

Because today is the long haul ass kicker day where no sleep will be had, and I will essentially go to the airport after all the showcases finish in our room tonight. 


But it's gonna hella worth it.

My icing on the cake...

See you in Bisbee, Susan Werner..

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