The great cover up.

Making a house mine takes time.

I love a weathered barnboard look. I pondered getting actual lumber, but holy shit, it'd be way too expensive. I stumbled upon this paneling online while trying to figure out how to personalize the new digs.

So, I am prolly gonna do this to the bedroom:

And then to the living room:

I have used reed fencing in the wee beach haus to give a couple walls more texture and drama. And I came across this weird paneling that should provide the depth of "different" that I desire.

An early evening trip to Searing Blister (Sierra Vista) to a big chain hardware store got me 4 panels of this stuff to start. It was, shall we say, interesting to get all of these panels inside the house while it's dark outside and I've got stairs/twists/turns/small spaces to deal with. Plus, these are pretty easily damaged (yes, I bashed one pretty good).

I have to cut it, and glue it to the wall.. oh goody... more projects. But I think it will get me moving in the right direction. I also feel like I need to lighten up the color of the ceiling in the living room. I walk through the rooms of the house and just try to get a sense of what is going to make it mine. There is no big budget for these silly little things. I have a hundred or so to throw at it every couple weeks. I just need more time. Tomorrow might be "lighten the ceiling day."

One more cup of coffee and a little bite of brekkie then I am off to get ready for the MAKE Festival. After MAKE I have a strong friend helping me move a set of lockers over to the house. Then I'll only have one more set of lockers to get in and then my gigantic Pottery Barn bed will be next. It seems neverending. But I am making progress.

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