Big. Heavy. Difficult. Done.

When you have a penchant for sets of lockers, life can get rather complicated. Especially when moving. I had one last set of lockers that needed to get schlepped over.

I have put it off because IT IS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO MOVE GIANT SETS OF LOCKERS! Yup. There I said it.

But now they are here. And they are not fucking moving again.

A big part of my storage puzzle just came together with this heavy, awkward thing getting into the house. I am gonna grab a bite of lunch with some friends, then I am going to try to pull this house together a bit.

And, I am poodle-sitting till about Thursday so the pitter patter of fuzzy little feet has been fun but schedule altering and I really have not been as productive as I'd like. But.. whatever!

Lockers are in.

Poodles are here.

And someone is making my lunch.

Good day.

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