I am still poodling.

This has been fun, and they are a nice distraction. If there needs to be a distraction, a couple of fuzzy, silly ones re just the ticket.

I think I have them through Friday. Not exactly sure. Not really worried about it. There are meetings and Costco runs in the early part of the day for me, then The Mother Unit has a dental appointment after her dialysis. A long day for her. Funny thing, we discovered that one of the side effects from one of the medications she is on is weakness. This was never mentioned. But at least we kinda know now.

She powers through like a champ most day, and I was really happy to bring the poodles up so she could get a little extra time with them. They will go this morning too.

I have Edible Baja business today and am hoping to go by a couple of markets that need to carry OBR coffee. I want more for Old Bisbee Roasters.

I always seem to aspire to shove whatever/whoever I am working for into doing the next thing to improve business. It's probably not the best plan of action for staying employed as I often end up getting disappointed when folks don't move forward. Then I burn out and leave. I like this job a bunch. I'm tempering my approach to building our wholesale biz. Oy. I never stop thinking about doing more.

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