Cuppa Jolene and a little Log Lady.

I am watching Twin Peaks from the beginning. About 7 episodes in, Agent Cooper and his local law folk meet with the Log Lady. One of the best kooky characters on tv ever.

They meet over tea and cookies.

No tea happening here. Just coffee. I put Twin Peaks on instead of music because I was really enjoying it last night after putting a shelving  unit together that will eventually hold some records. I have many projects and promised myself a solid 36 hours of productivity between after work today and Sunday morning.

Having been de-poodled yesterday I also vacuumed and moved things back to where they were pre-poodle. I did find one dog toy under the bed. Which of course made me smile. Those poodles were fun and sweet. I will inch towards dog ownership eventually. So not ready right now, but I see the benefit. A big part of that was seeing The Mother Unit light up when she got some poodle time.

You know... I watched Twin Peaks with a group of friends in my early sobriety. We called it Family Dinner Night. My pal Cathryn would cook and it was always fun and delicious. It was short lived like the series. But it was a magical time showing me what was possible in the realm of  community without alcohol. Kinda sweet to have all of that in my head and heart while watching this fabulously odd show.

I hope the new Showtime reboot is just as odd.

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