Swampy McSwamperson.

Good Lord!

I am NOT a religious woman as you know. But I was hopin' like hell that this was a good idea as the massive hole was cut in the side of the house...

My pal Ben undertaking the task even though he really didn't want to because this is a pricey job and he doesn't like to charge me his rates. But the humor and fun will help take the sting out of it.

The trauma and the humor were abundant. Especially at the moment when Ben had the Sawzall cutting the square and he looks over and says," Is this in the right place?"


This also showed me that yet again, I am in a house with no insulation.

Oh, Bisbee...

This project really was way more involved than just shoving a swampy in a window. I wish I'd had a window to shove that in, but it wasn't an option. But I am a swamp girl and a/c is waaay too dry and super expensive to run and it's overkill for the Bisbee climate mostly. This was the right choice, but shit!

Took all day to get it to this point. Going from 10:00 - 5:30.

It's not done.

Pic was taken last night

the next morning

Being a bit of a bug-o-phobe, the blue tape was my attempt at curbing any attempts at a migration into the house. I also did a big old pest-be-gone spray with my bug spray. I live in a damn buggy town and I cannot make peace with that. Some of the critters are downright nasty. Mostly I worry about scorpions. I am just about the only person in town that hasn't been stung. In fact, just Friday I saw my Frenchie Bulldog pal, Pig and he had just come from the vet from getting stung in his adorable face by a scorpion!

Screw that!

Ben has probably a full day here today without me (and then maybe tomorrow as well...) as I am off to cook The Mother Unit a rib eye for Mother Unit Day! I took a moment the other day to thank her for sticking around for another one of these. I hope that doesn't seem like the wrong thing to say. I truly am grateful for my time with her. All of it.

And today I will celebrate that the way Cancerians do... with food.

Happy Mothers Day!

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