Seven years is a long time.

Did you know that supposedly every 7 years your body kinda has a fresh batch of stuff? I dunno where I heard that, but that's where the "supposedly" comes in.

Seven years ago this happened:

This is a time in my past that I now refer to as "My Boating Accident".

I literally found this in a tool box that I had purchased in Hilton Head when I got The S.S. Smelly Cat. This lady (name purposely not redacted) ripped me off on this shitty boat. But I should have known better. I was trying to give my pal in Hilton Head some space as I had been living on her couch and was helping her start a business.

I learned a lot during that time in the sweaty climate of South Carolina.  Mostly how I can't live somewhere I don't love. The situation had the makings of greatness like a beach, water everywhere, living on a boat (was on the bucket list) etc.

I can't be somewhere I don't feel like I fit in. I NEVER fit in there. It was a rough time in so many ways. Kinda like spending too much time in a touring vehicle with people... you gotta have space. This was also the beginning of the end of my full-time touring career and the beginning of needing employment that would let me tour when I got offers.  Now that has morphed into a couple of stage mgr gigs and no touring. And I think I am learning to be ok with that.

Last night after a bunch of organizing, de-boxing, art hanging, and cleaning I settled into a corner of the couch with my feet propped up and some cucumber chunks to watch Moonrise Kingdon.

The perfect evening to just chill out. And this morning I have had some James Bond movies on in the background while I do a few things before going to work for a couple hours. A nice late start...

A few pinball games played and the green things outside watered have capped off a super relaxed start to this holiday. My pal Robert comes down later this afternoon for an overnighter/taco run/pinball tuneup.

It's also the day of The K.K.! It's her birthday! Somewhere in the world, this amazing woman is making another trip around the sun!

Happy Birthday, K.K.!

Good times!

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