Super Secret.

One of the most amazing things about working at OBR is getting to drink any coffee I want. Including the stuff that's not advertised for sale yet.

Welcome to my coffee world, Ethiopian deliciousness!

Rare. Rich. And wonderful!

The construction project is stalled.. but that's a long story. The real story is that the coffee is so good, I don't even have the energy to be cranky about all of the delays and shoddy construction that all of the old Bisbee houses are put together with. I may be in for long delays while I save up to he able to finish the project. I know it will be better all around when done. That's what matters.

I got an offer to be flown to see Lady Gaga with free hotel and car rental by my pal KK. Sounds like she purchased something frivolous on a whim. I just may have to say yes just because it's so absurd an offer.

KK !!!

I turn 52 tomorrow.
My day is gonna be all about hanging with my mom. It's gonna rain. Like it always does on my birthday. I will have a watermelon Eegee, and I will play pinball after I leave from my time with The Mother Unit. These are only these little moments to grab as much goodness as I can...

Taco run with a few pals tonight for a pre- bday gathering since I'll be elsewhere all weekend. Because it's also Game of Thrones season premier on Sunday. I have good stuff on deck.. amidst a shitstorm of things that are going haywire.. focusing on the positives!

Grateful and caffeinated this overcast morning.

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