In good style.

This is what turning 84 looks like.

The Mother Unit and I ventured to Frank's Restaurant in Tucson for a birthday breakfast with the most legendary waitress in The Baked Pueblo. The One, The Only, Candace! It was super sweet from start to finish, and I am pretty sure the singing of "Happy Birthday" was a high point of the day. It was for me anyhow..

I especially liked the Mickey Mouse pancake with the candle... nice touch, Candace!

The day was full of running all over the place provisioning for Roka and grabbing a few pounds of thai basil for the noodle shop and episodes of Walking Dead and Talking Dead, and feeding my mom our special dish of kapama made by me and enjoyed thoroughly. She ate more on her birthday than she has in a while is my guess. And let's face it... that is a really good thing. She's not usually that hungry and she can't really afford to lose a bunch of weight.

It's back to work and back to reality for me. I have too much to do with my house and my mom's house. I doubt I will get up to Tucson this weekend to sort things, but the good news is that I can try to get a few projects here done and then next weekend is all Tucson. Grateful to have taken the day off yesterday to be with The Mother Unit on the occasion of her 84th. So happy she is content and safe at the care home. Everything else is secondary.

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