Sunday at The Boatslip 1992.

It starts like this...
“We’d like to remind you to keep both feet on the dance floor at all times...”

I found this cassette tape when going thru things this weekend. Of course I popped the tape in and was immediately smiling with that warning! The Boatslip is still home to the famous Tea Dance every Sunday in season.  The music is beat-mixed to perfection and while the 90’s were not my favorite I still love this tape as one of the silly musical benchmarks in my life. I was still going to clubs and dancing the night away, had a girlfriend, and still owned two Technics 1200 turntables which were the holy grail of turntables for DJ’s. Life would have appeared to be really good at that time for me. It was a couple lifetimes ago really.

My life has always been music-centered. And there has always been change in taste and genre but I can usually appreciate the music I loved from way back. And I am not just talking about Led Zeppelin. Ok, the one caveat to that is my early recovery days when I had a a lesbian therapist and she had me listening to sappy feminist recovery music. I actually can’t do that kind of music at all..

There is always time for music. I just wish the cassette player at my mom’s had auto play insted of me having to stop what I’m doing to flip the thing. But if that is the biggest bee in my bonnet then it’s a good day.

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